World Cup 2022 Prediction & Betting Odds for Canadians - Ultimate Guide

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The greatest sports tournament returns in 2018, with the eyes of the entire world turning to Russia in June and July. The World Cup is the most prestigious soccer tournament, with each country aiming to lift the coveted trophy and bring soccer back home.

Thirty two teams will compete in the ‘greatest show on Earth’ after a long four years since the 2014 World Cup. The group stages are almost upon us, and the World Cup betting opportunities are already appearing.

With its arrival, we can also expect tasty promotions and competitive World Cup betting odds – particularly for the final. We’re sharing the ultimate guide to the top World Cup picks and bets for Canadian players to make a fortune.

2018 World Cup Betting Odds

The World Cup betting odds are already taking center stage for most major sportsbooks. This tournament is the standout feature for most betting sites, drawing in millions of fresh bettors.

The final of the 2014 World Cup was watched by a record four billion fans across the world, so you can expect sites to get competitive. Almost all World Cup odds are centered around the outright winner of the competition – we’re looking at you, Germany and Brazil – but you can also put money on the group winners.

The likes of Germany and Brazil, as well as France and Spain, are tipped to give us some impressive showdowns in the run-up to the final. However, it all boils down to who will eventually lift that trophy, with loads of sportsbooks offering welcome bonuses for Canadian players to make sure they bet with them.

We’ve put together our extensive World Cup picks, detailing the teams we suggest you should put your money behind.

Best Canadian Sportsbooks for the 2018 World Cup

The scope of Canadian players for World Cup betting is massive. There are plenty of major betting sites offering sign up bonuses for new players to place bets on the World Cup, and get an additional free bet in return.

Similarly, existing customers can also benefit from betting specials and promotions throughout the tournament. We’re sharing our favorite sportsbooks for Canadian customers, along with the specials and promos they offer.


 bet365 logo

Bet365 needs no introduction as one of the most famous sportsbooks in Canada. Bet365 has long been associated with soccer betting and, subsequently, the World Cup.

They offer some of the best World Cup betting odds compared to others. For example, the odds on France to win the 2018 World Cup, currently at 6.5, is the best in the market today. However, the odds are subject to change as we get closer to the ‘greatest show on Earth’, so keep your eyes on the betting offers.

Speaking of, Bet365 continuously update their promotions and provide decent welcome bonuses for new players, all highlighted on their World Cup betting page.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction logo

Sports Interaction is a sportsbook that exclusively serves Canadian players, so you definitely know you are getting a good deal, as well as dedicated customer service.

They prove themselves well with an exceptional World Cup betting offer. This page provides a drop down to all of the markets they offer on the tournament, covering every game. They have already got behind Brazil, and they even share tips on choosing your World Cup betting picks – not only for outright but for other types of wagering as well.

Sports Interaction also provides in-play betting options for the 2018 World Cup.

Pinnacle Sports

 pinnacle sports logo

Pinnacle Sports has an excellent reputation for betting payouts. Out of over 50 competitors, this sportsbook is rated #1 for payouts, with the largest possible wagering returns available.

They made the top of the pack for their betting odds – including World Cup odds – with an average margin of 2.91%.

They extensively detail their World Cup predictions, guiding players to make the most out of their money. They’ve ranked each team, and you know you are getting a reliable service.


 sportingbet logo

Sportingbet’s markets for the 2018 World Cup number in the high thousands.

They take the contest seriously, and have a dedicated page for betting odds, picks and predictions for every game. All of this info is in a table, making it easy to read and digest.

Again, this site is picking Brazil to take home the title, but it’s worth looking into all the wagering data they share before placing your money behind a team.


888sport logo

888sport is another one of our recommended World Cup betting sites, particularly for their welcome bonus. They offer 100% matched bonus on up to $200 deposit, as well as $30 in free bets for an initial deposit of $10 – that’s the kind of math we like. Their bonus is available across all sports.

When it comes to World Cup picks, 888Sport is one of the leaders, boasting over 5,500 markets on the competition alone. That number is only expected to grow, and they even offer betting tips and predictions on the teams and where to wager your money.


Betway logo

Betway currently has the best betting odds for Brazil – ranked number one to take home the title. Their World Cup odds for Brazil stands at 4.5, but may change as we get past the group stages.

Similarly, their betting promotions are extensive, with up to 12 offers on the website today.

Their World Cup page is just as exciting, featuring 20+ betting types and thousands of markets, as well as additional betting specials.

When it comes to catching the action live, you can bet there will be plenty of opportunities with their live streaming service and decent in-play options.

William Hill

 william hill logo

The legend of William Hill is strong in Canada. This site is one of the originals and has a mega reputation for World Cup betting.

Their World Cup betting odds only reflects their status, especially because the sportsbook is prepping early for the tournament.

Like the other betting sites mentioned in this review, they provide a solid welcome bonus for new players. However, they don’t forget existing customers, offering acca insurance and other promotions.

They have picked Germany and Brazil as their teams to watch, and their betting odds are super competitive. You can rest assure you are betting with a reputable source, and they even offer tips on which teams to wager your money on.

Picks and Odds for the Upcoming World Cup Games

Russia, the host nation, will kick-off the World Cup with their match against Saudi Arabia on June 14th. The home country has a major advantage to their name, playing on their turf and with the support of the majority of their fans.

 russia vs saudi arabia fifa

Early contender for the finals, Spain, will play the next day against their rivals, Portugal. It’s going to be an epic showdown, and we’ll all be waiting anxiously for the opening games of Germany and Brazil.

The two teams are our top World Cup picks, with the reigning champions proving stiff competition. It’ll be a constant fight for the ultimate accolade, and their opening games will be well worth a watch to gauge their stamina and performance for the rest of the tournament.

World Cup Betting Offers and Promotions

Given that it’s the World Cup, you can bet (literally) every sportsbook has a load of promotions up their sleeves. The most common offer for World Cup betting is the welcome bonus, typically promising a free bet in return for an initial deposit or wager.

Enhanced Odds

Look out for enhanced odds when placing money on a country to win, as these betting odds will increase returns for the favorites. In general, you wont see large gains from the top five teams, but you can significantly boost the profit with enhanced odds – enhanced for only a short period.

Goalscorer Market

The goalscorer market often boasts plenty of promotions, as one of the most popular bets throughout the competition. This market is essentially wide open, which means better World Cup betting odds.

While you can expect the likes of Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo to appear, anything could happen. In the 2014 World Cup, Colombian midfielder, James Rodriguez, scored the most goals and defeated some stiff competition. If there’s one thing we can say for this market, it’s to do your research. Check previous goals, injuries and every other available statistic to ensure that your bets are on the right track.

Acca Insurance

The acca is a major promotion for World Cup betting, with almost every sportsbook offering acca insurance. Basically, if one of your teams lose, you’ll get your stake back – you’ve lost nothing. Betting Sites also offer acca boosts, which will, essentially, boost your return, depending on the number of selections.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting has gained huge notoriety over the years and is an option most players choose, so you can expect to see specials regarding that type of betting.

Sportsbooks that offer In-Play Betting:

sportingbet logo4Learn More
william hill logo5Learn More

You can expect great World Cup betting odds and predictions for the likes of the next yellow/red card, goalscorer etc.

Tips for Betting on the World Cup from Canada

You must always do your research for the World Cup – it’s the best way to make money betting on it. Even if you know all there is to know about the teams, a little extra information certainly won’t harm your bets.

Tips, guides, previews and team highlights are readily available across most major betting sites, as well as thousands of other forums and resources. Read up on the team’s performance in the qualifiers, as well as individual player profiles, injuries and score sheets.

 neymar in pain soccer

Check if a team’s star player has faced any injuries that could affect the whole team in the long-term. Any tips you can gather will only help you make solid assumptions on your World Cup picks.

We do recommend keeping your eyes on Germany and Brazil, as they have already proved their worth in the qualifiers. Both countries have epic games behind them and are certain to smash through their respective groups and, most likely, go all the way to the final.

 germany vs brazil 2014 world cup

However, Germany does have the advantage of European soil, which could go against Brazil. France is also sneaking into the top three and had won the tournament before; they could quite easily be in the running for a second title.

2018 World Cup Participants

There are 32 countries drooling for the title, but World Cup bettors tend to stick with the top five teams, so they could have a better chance of making money.

Germany is the reigning champion after sailing to victory in 2014. Their performance in the previous World Cup and the qualifiers only reflects their ability.

 germany wins 2014 world cup

The squad is particularly strong, featuring seven World Cup winners and a youthful injection of players, including Bayern Munich. Toni Kroos, the driving force for the squad, is prepared to take them to the final, with the team likely still riding high from the corner back-heel from Goretzka in the qualifiers.

Brazil is the likely contender for the trophy, with Tite taking them to victory in the qualifiers. They already have five titles under their belts and a host of star players. Neymar will be making his second appearance at the World Cup, after his 2014 run was cut short due to an injury.

 brazil 2018 world cup semi final

Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann will be hoping to take France to the final, currently tipped as third out of all countries. Griezmann was the top scorer in the 2016 Euros, so we can expect much the same of him in this tournament.

France, similar to Germany, also has the European soil advantage. Spain and Argentina round up the top five teams, and are well worth a bet.

World Cup Q&A – Important Facts

Where is the 2018 World Cup hosted?

Russia won the right to host the World Cup – the first in Europe for 12 years – between June 14th and July 15th. The games will be held across 11 cities.

How can I buy World Cup tickets?

World Cup tickets are released in four stages, and there are still some available for the games on the FIFA website.

Where will the World Cup games take place?

11 cities will host the games, across 12 stadiums. The opening and final game will be held in Russia’s capital, Moscow, at the Luzhniki stadium, with a capacity of 81,000.