Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming is a concept whereby gaming and gambling operators and associated service providers are required to ensure their offerings uphold the highest standards to ensure a fair and safe gaming experience.  

With so many online betting companies available, it’s now more important than ever that people are protected when gambling online as, unfortunately, it’s not always immediately clear whether an online bookmaker is legitimate.

Responsible gaming also applies to the players, who need to make themselves aware of the dangers of problem gambling and learn ways to play responsibly and within their means.

How to avoiding rogue gaming companies

Regrettably there are rogue online businesses whose conduct you need to be aware of, with instances of operators not having the required licences, withholding players’ funds without good reason or using misleading or outright false advertising to attract custom.

Always ensure that you fully check the validity of any gaming company you intend to use prior to parting with any money.

We at will only ever recommended a site that we have checked out and reviewed, so ensuring that it is legally operated entity.

Problem Gambling & Addiction

Gambling should be a fun pursuit, but gambling addiction is a real problem that can impact people from all walks of life.  Should your gambling start to become a problem, it’s important to know that help is available.

So, should you find yourself suffering emotionally or financially as a result of your gambling habit the point where your gambling is no longer an enjoyable leisure pursuit or profession, then you may have a gambling problem and should seek some support.

You might be able to seek help and advice from a friend or family member, but there is also professional support out there from the likes of the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario, which provides a free, 24-hour helpline (1-888-230-3505) and an excellent and highly informative website (, where you can access expert guidance and professional help.

We look to only recommend betting companies that will have monitoring systems in place to identify and help players who may need help to avoid getting into any problems.  Any decent bookmaker will honour your decision to limit or cut off your betting account if you inform them that you’re suffering from a gambling problem.

Personal responsibility can help to avoid any such issues occurring.  Always try and ensure that you bet within your means by setting yourself a bankroll to be used per bet or day.  Never spend more than you can happily afford to lose without regretting it and never chase your losses by seeking that ‘big win’.

Protecting Minors

There are strict age restrictions when it comes to online gambling, with the typical minimum age in Canada being 19 (residents of Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec can legally gamble at 18).

There is a personal responsibility to only play if you know that you’re legally eligible to do so, but we will never direct advertising to gamble at minors and we actively discourage those who are underage from participating in any gambling activity.