Power Rankings: The Latest Across MLB, NBA, NFL & More…

Power rankings are always a good indicator of what level a team are at and is always worthwhile checking before you place any bets across a range of sports.

What power rankings offer is insight into who the best teams are at this current time. They focus on form rather than the accumulated points across a season. The systems crunch dozens of statistics to rank teams and players, perfect for enhancing your betting strategy.

We take them into account when we’re building our sports betting Tips whether it be ice hockey, baseball or basketball, as well as a range of other sports.

To give you that little extra helping hand when heading to your sportsbook to place your bets, you can find all the latest power rankings across Canada and the world’s biggest sports directly below…

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MLB Power Rankings

Looking for a side to bet on in Major League Baseball? Check out the latest MLB power rankings and find out just who is leading the charge from the latest results.

By Espn:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

2019 record: 62-33
Week 14 ranking: 1

2. New York Yankees

2019 record: 59-32
Week 14 ranking: 2

3. Minnesota Twins

2019 record: 58-34
Week 14 ranking: 4

4. Houston Astros

2019 record: 59-35
Week 14 ranking: 3

5. Atlanta Braves

2019 record: 57-37
Week 14 ranking: 5

6. Tampa Bay Rays

2019 record: 55-40
Week 14 ranking: 6

7. Boston Red Sox

2019 record: 50-43
Week 14 ranking: 7

8. Oakland Athletics

2019 record: 53-41
Week 14 ranking: 8

9. Washington Nationals

2019 record: 49-43
Week 14 ranking: 11

10. Chicago Cubs

2019 record: 50-43
Week 14 ranking: 10

11. Cleveland Indians

2019 record: 51-40
Week 13 ranking: 9

12. Texas Rangers

2019 record: 50-44
Week 14 ranking: 13

13. Arizona Diamondbacks

2019 record: 47-47
Week 14 ranking: 18

14. Milwaukee Brewers

2019 record: 48-46
Week 14 ranking: 12

15. Philadelphia Phillies

2019 record: 48-45
Week 14 ranking: 16

16. St. Louis Cardinals

2019 record: 46-45
Week 14 ranking: 14

17. Colorado Rockies

2019 record: 46-46
Week 14 ranking: 15

18. Los Angeles Angels

2019 record: 48-46
Week 14 ranking: 19

19. Cincinnati Reds

2019 record: 42-48
Week 14 ranking: 17

20. Pittsburgh Pirates

2019 record: 44-48
Week 14 ranking: 20

21. San Diego Padres

2019 record: 45-48
Week 14 ranking: 21

22. San Francisco Giants

2019 record: 43-49
Week 14 ranking: 24

23. Chicago White Sox

2019 record: 42-47
Week 14 ranking: 22

24. New York Mets

2019 record: 42-51
Week 14 ranking: 23

25. Seattle Mariners

2019 record: 39-58
Week 14 ranking: 25

26. Toronto Blue Jays

2019 record: 35-59
Week 14 ranking: 26

27. Miami Marlins

2019 record: 34-57
Week 14 ranking: 27

28. Kansas City Royals

2019 record: 32-62
Week 14 ranking: 28

29. Detroit Tigers

2019 record: 29-59
Week 14 ranking: 29

30. Baltimore Orioles

2019 record: 28-65
Week 14 ranking: 30

If you’re ready to place your bets on baseball, head to our MLB Betting Page for all the latest previews, tips and betting offers to enjoy.

CFL Power Rankings

The Canadian Football League is one of the more interesting sports leagues to bet on, with nine teams battling it out for the Grey Cup each year.

A different side has won the last four seasons, with form often shifting between teams.

The latest power rankings can be found right here…

1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Record: 4-0
Last Week: 1

2. Edmonton Eskimos
Record: 3-1
Last Week: 2

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Record: 4-1
Last Week: 4

4. Calgary Stampeders
Record: 2-2
Last Week: 3

5. Montreal Alouettes
Record: 2-2
Last Week: 7

Record: 2-2
Last Week: 5

7. BC Lions
Record: 1-4
Last Week: 6

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 8

9. Toronto Argonauts
Record: 0-4
Last Week: 9

If you’re looking to bet on the CFL, you’ll find the latest odds and previews on our football page in the CFL Football betting tips section.

NBA Power Rankings

With basketball played almost every day of the season, form and power can sway dramatically. One minute the Warriors are the team to beat, the next it’s the Celtics or Raptors.

We’ll always keep you in the loop with the power rankings integrated below. Keep track of how your team is doing and make sure you’re not placing any uneducated bets on out-of-form teams right across the season.


You can bet on the NBA and check out all our expert’s tips on our NBA Tips page where you’ll find previews as well as outright odds, the best sportsbooks to play at and more.

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL is always an interesting sport to bet on with a huge number of markets available with the likes of 888sport and William Hill but form can regularly shift in both the AFC and NFC.

It’s always worth checking the latest power rankings before placing your bets on the NFL, whether it be the beginning of the regular season or the playoffs.

Below you’ll find the current power rankings in the sport for you to review before betting.


You can bet on the NFL and read our expert previews by clicking here, as well as a huge range of bonuses from the likes of bet365, bwin and William Hill.

NHL Power Rankings

The NHL’s latest power rankings can be found below and are updated after every fixture across the season.

Form ebbs and flows regularly, with form being lost and found all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

We’re huge fans of the NHL here at Onlinesportbetting.ca and keep our eyes on the rankings across the season to help inform our very own hockey tips.


You can find all our tips on our NHL Betting Page where you’ll find tips, the latest odds and the best sites to live stream.

MLS Power Rankings

Major League Soccer continues to flourish with major stars helping franchises climb to the top of their conferences and the power rankings.

The latest MLS power rankings offer up the best teams to be backing currently and who could be the best outside bets in the outright markets.


You can bet on outright markets and all the latest MLS fixtures with most online sportsbooks and our match previews and betting predictions can be found on this page.