Vikings vs. Packers Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

Vikings vs. Packers Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19

Spread: Packers by 1

Over/Under: 46

Money line: Vikings +105; Packers -125

Vikings fans have to be a little annoyed with how the oddsmakers are looking at this game. Their team has one of the better offenses in the NFL; one that is as adept at running the ball as it is at passing it. They have good running backs, great receivers, one of the better tight ends in the game, and a capable offensive line. Oh—and their defense is one of the best in the business.

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Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers—so they are the favorites.

As unfair as it may seem, there is a reason why they look at games that way. If Rodgers is in the game, the Packers have a chance. Monday night, when Rodgers appeared lost for the game in the first half, there was no way the Packers looked like they could win that game.

But in the second half, gimpy knee and all, Rodgers managed to neutralize the Bears pass rush and get the job done. No other quarterback in the game can do that. If the Packers had a better defense, they’d be the Super Bowl favorites. But their defense barely qualifies as ‘okay.’

Rodgers will make sure the Packers are in the game. The question is whether the Green Bay defense will slow down Kirk Cousins enough for the Packers to win. Don’t count on it.

This will be a very close, hard-fought game that could be won by whoever has the ball last. It could easily go either way. But I’d take the point and the Vikings to win. Assuming Rodgers plays (it is not guaranteed that he will), the over is a safe bet. If not, take the under.