Saints vs. Panthers Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19

The Saints have gone through the bulk of the season playing really well on offence and pretty good on defence. But in recent weeks, they have struggled somewhat. While the defence held up its end against Dallas, the Cowboys defence dominated the Saints offence.

Last week against the Buccaneers, the defence held up its end again. But the offence struggled to get on track. In the end, they got the job done, but the game was closer than it needed to be.

Carolina’s run defence will not make it easy for the Saints to get their run game going. But the Saints may choose just to let Drew Brees exploit the Panthers 20th ranked pass defence.

The Saints defence could be in for a real challenge trying to contain Christian McCaffrey. But with Cam Newton’s shoulder issues, they will probably not have to worry about him throwing deep very often.

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Spread: Saints by 6

The Saints played well enough to win last week but certainly didn’t play well. Look for them to reestablish themselves as an offensive powerhouse at the expense of the Panthers. They will cover the spread with ease.

Over/Under: 52

The Saints will be able to put some points up against the Panthers defence. But with Cam Newton at less than 100 percent, Carolina is going to struggle to score. Take the under.

Money line: Saints -263.16; Panthers +205.00

Carolina’s best shot to win would be to try to take advantage of the Saints 28th ranked pass defence. But with Cam Newton’s shoulder issues, that is probably not going to happen. Drew Brees, on the other hand, is going to go nuts.

Take the Saints to win.

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