Raptors vs. Lakers Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19

Toronto Raptors v Los Angeles Lakers

Raptors vs. Lakers Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19

This has to be one of those games Toronto fans are looking forward to and fearing at the same time. Yes, the Lakers are not playing especially well yet this season. But they have ‘that guy’ on the roster; someone who has made a habit out of destroying the Raptors every chance he had.

Oh—and he, LeBron James, happens to be the best player in the world.

With James on the court, there is always a chance for greatness. He dominated the Raptors with a questionable supporting cast backing him up in Cleveland. The Lakers are definitely more talented than any of the teams James worked with in Cleveland. With a better roster behind him, there is no reason to think James can’t dominate Toronto again.

However, this Raptors team isn’t like any of the ones James faced back in Cleveland.

No one except maybe Boston is really trying to play much defence this season. But compared to the rest of the league, Toronto is one of the better defensive teams (sixth in points allowed per game). The key to beating any LeBron James led team will always be defence.

This Toronto team is capable of playing enough defence to slow down the Lakers as a whole, if not LeBron.

So—who’s going to win?

The big question here is going to be the health of Kawhi Leonard. He walked off the court towards the end of Friday’s game against the Suns. He said later that his foot is okay. But ask anyone in San Antonio, and they will say be scared.

Assuming Leonard plays, take Toronto (-130) to win over the Lakers (+110) and cover the spread. As for the over/under —take the over.

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