Patriots vs. Bills Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19


Patriots vs. Bills Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19

It is starting to look like the Patriots team that fans know, and love has returned. Gone is the team that was struggling on both sides of the ball for the first few weeks of the season. In its place is a team that is going to find a way to win. It may be a big play on offence, defence, or special teams that do the trick—or a combination of the three.

But the important thing is that the killer instinct is back. While they are far from perfect, they are going to find a way to win. You can’t say the same about the Buffalo Bills.

With wins over the Vikings and Titans and a near-win over the Texans, it was starting to look like the Bills might not be as bad as the Week One defeat to the Ravens made them appear to be. Yes, the offence is atrocious and has been throughout the season. But they had some playmakers on defence and an offence good enough to capitalize on whatever mistakes the opponent made.

But then they played the Colts last week and every potential positive fan thought they could hang their hat on was thrown out the window. No facet of the game worked.

So—who’s going to win?

Is this a question that really needs to be asked? The Patriots are going to win this one; the only real question is by how much. Will the opportunistic defence show up again and give the Bills a fighting chance?

No, because that would mean the Patriots would need to make mistakes and that is not something they do.

Take New England to win over Buffalo and cover the spread. As for the over/under—go for the over.

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