Lions vs. Cowboys Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19

Lions vs. Cowboys

Lions vs. Cowboys Match Preview & Betting Odds 2018/19

Dallas has a pretty decent defence, but the offence is in shambles. The once-feared offensive line is struggling to protect Dak Prescott who is, in turn, struggling to complete passes. They finally got Ezekiel Elliot going last week against the Seahawks, but he wasn’t enough.

Detroit isn’t exactly the image of consistency. The defensive front has been putting a lot of pressure on opposing quarterbacks, and they have some playmakers in the secondary. Matthew Stafford was awful in Week One. But then he dominated the New England Patriots defence last week.

The Lions defence also dominated the Patriots offense—but was it because of New England’s issues or was they simply that good?

Dallas has issues, but Detroit is far from perfect. So—who’s going to win?

Dallas fans would love to think that this week will be when Dak Prescott and the passing game finally get it together. But there is no reason to think that they will. Ezekiel Elliot will make sure the Cowboys have some offence, but the Cowboys simply don’t have enough right now.

The first half will be a close one, but after too many three-and-outs by the offence the defence will tire out. The Lions will open up a lead in the second half and never look bad. So, take the Lions to win (+135) over the Cowboys (-161.29) and cover the spread (3).

As for the over/under (43.5), the Dallas offence can’t be counted on for much, so go with the under.

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