Gaethje VS Vick Odds and Betting Preview

Gaethje VS Vick

Gaethje VS Vick Odds and Betting Preview

The main event of UFC Fight Night 135 sees Justin Gaethje take on James Vick in Lincoln, Nebraska, and it promises to be a fascinating encounter. Gaethje enters this fight in the belief that he can end a two-match losing streak which he might propose was a long-time coming.

That’s because Gaethje is all action in the octagon. He’s earned a reputation for himself as something of a zombie in the ring. A fighter that will keep coming at you no matter what you throw his way. That rep has taken a bit of a hit after defeats to Alvarez and Poirier though.

A little bit of fine-tuning to his reckless approach could go a long way to helping him reach his potential. James Vick taunted Gaethje, calling him the ‘Homer Simpson of the lightweight division’ at a recent promotional press conference for the UFC betting event. A giant of the division at 6’3, Vick will make the most of his reach advantage over his opponent, who stands at 5’11.

Gaethje regularly chops down his targets with vicious kicks and Vick has more leg than most to hack at. After the barbs sent in his direction, it would be a victory in more ways than one for Gaethje to beat Vick and prove that he is more than a human punching bag in the process. Although he is known to be able to take a hit, it feels as though back-to-back defeats have shattered the illusion that Gaethje can’t be stopped.

Vick has a background in boxing and may relish the opportunity to pick off Gaethje when he begins to revert to type and swing wildly. Expect this to be a bloody battle, as every Gaethje fight is. If he’s not careful than he’ll be on the losing end of it. We see him sticking to his chaotic game plan and getting caught out again.

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