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Basketball has become increasingly popular in Canada in recent years and there’s been a growing interest in NBA betting too, particularly with the Toronto Raptors currently being a team capable of competing with the very best in the game.

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There’s a variety of NBA betting tips options available, including the ‘Money Line’ (simply backing which team you believe will win the game). However, the most popular NBA odds tips to back are generally the Handicap or, as it’s more widely known, the ‘Point Spread’.

Other basketball betting markets of interest for individual games include ‘Total Points’, ‘Odd or Even Total Points’, ‘Money Line Results’ for each of the individual quarters and the ‘Winning Margin’.

NBA Best Betting Sites

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Golden State Warriors, the defending champions, are again heavily favoured to win the NBA championship by the online sportsbooks, although there is also plenty of interest in the likes of the Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors in the NBA betting markets.  However, you’re going to need to heavily back the Warriors if you want to get rich, as their NBA odds tips are very short indeed for a long-term bet.  Backing one of their rivals might well provide a better alternative if you’re looking for value and long-term interest over the season, so perhaps the Celtics or even the Raptors are the teams to put your money on.

It’s not just the futures bets we will cover, but also NBA betting tips previews and predictions on the biggest games throughout the entire schedule.  There will be a wide range of NBA betting markets covered, such as the Head-to-Head Money Line, Point Spreads (a.k.a. Handicap), Game Point Totals (Over/ Under) and Teasers (bets that enable you to adjust the point spreads across two games, but with a lower return on the bets in the event of a win as a result).  Predictions and tips at will be based on factors such as  the key NBA stats (home court advantage, average points For/Against, shooting percentage For/Against, etc), relevant team news (including any roster additions or subtractions) and details such as any lengthy road trips recently undertaken and the importance of games to the teams concerned as the season progresses.

NBA Betting Tips

Throughout the entire NBA season, will look to provide regular NBA betting tips and predictions, as well as seeking out the very best NBA Free Bets and NBA odds.

Golden State Warriors are strong favourites to win the NBA championship this season, but they will be particularly wary of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team who stunned them in last year’s NBA Finals.

The San Antonio Spurs are the other serious contenders, while the Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and, of course, Toronto Raptors, will all believe they each have a chance of being crowned champions.

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NBA Betting Odds

The appeal of the ‘Point Spread’ in basketball betting comes as a result of it being a high-scoring sport, in which one team can often start the game as a short-priced favourite. The Point Spread takes into account the relative strengths of the two teams from a betting perspective, so that with one team claiming a Handicap points start (the Points Spread), the game becomes far more even in terms of the NBA odds tips offered on the market.

As an example, were Golden State Warriors to play the Brooklyn Nets, the Warriors price on the Money Line would be prohibitive (in the region of -5000). However, if the Nets are given a Point Spread of +22.5 points, the game becomes a more level playing field with regards to the NBA odds, with Warriors (-22.5) and Nets (+22.5) both being available at about -110.

To determine whether you have a winning bet or not, you would simply have to subtract 22.5 from their final score had you backed the favourite (in this specific example, the Warriors).

If the final score in the game were to be Golden State Warriors 120 Brooklyn Nets 100, then the adjusted score taking the Points Spread into account would be Warriors 97.5 Nets 100, or Warriors 120 Nets 122.5 should you prefer to calculate it that way.

Either way, the end result would be that, for the purposes of the Point Spread, Brooklyn Nets +22.5 would be a winning bet.

NBA Betting Offers

Every individual game throughout the season, across both Conferences and all six Divisions, will be available for NBA betting and there will be a variety of online sports betting options on offer for each and every one of them.

In addition, the structure of the NBA championship also ensures that there’s a great selection of long-term betting markets available to wager on too.

This is a short list of some of the most popular wagers to have:

  • NBA Championship – Outright betting to win the NBA Championship
  • Regular Season MVP (“Most Valuable Player”)
  • Winning Conference – Will the Eastern or Western Conference produce the NBA champions?
  • Eastern Conference Winner
  • Western Conference Winner
  • Division Winners – Winners of each of the Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Northwest, Pacific and Southwest Divisions

NBA 2018/19 Outright Bets

With every team having played over 45 games, the work put in by some teams, players, and coaches are starting to stand apart from the rest. While there is still a lot of basketball left to be played, we can begin to draw some conclusions on who will come out on top when the season ends.

Winner of NBA Finals, 2018/19 Season

Houston started slow, but they have gotten their act together and climbed back into contention. But with Chris Paul injured (and ineffective when healthy), it is the James Harden Show once again. They proved two years ago that they couldn’t win it all that way.

The Celtics are too inconsistent to be a serious threat (maybe next year). The Raptors will likely win the East, but it is hard to imagine anyone beating the Warriors in seven.

Winner - Including Play Offs

Regular Season MVP, 2018/19 Season

  • Antetokounmpo, Giannis: -305.00
  • Harden, James: +200.00
  • George, Paul: +2000.00
  • Curry, Stephen: +5000.00

Steph Curry is on a team of great players which means he will not get enough credit to win. It is unlikely the Lakers will have a good enough season for LeBron James to warrant enough attention from the voters.

It could come down to the wire between Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden. Statistically speaking, Antetokounmpo is likely the more well-rounded player and contributes more on the defensive end than Harden. But Harden is an offensive machine. Voters, like fans, are attracted to scoring.

Prediction: This will be a much closer vote than it was last season, but Harden will still come out ahead in the end.

*Odds via 888Sports

Rookie of the Year, 2018/19 Season

  • Doncic, Luka: -5000.00
  • Young, Trae: +650.00
  • Ayton, DeAndre: +1500.00
  • Jackson Jr, Jaren: +2000.00

Ayton, Jackson Jr., and Sexton are all having very good seasons. However, none of them have been asked to play as big of a role as Doncic has played for the Mavericks this season.  But, to his credit, he has answered the call.

Prediction: This one is easy, the only way Doncic doesn’t win is if he skips the rest of the season.

*Odds via 888Sports

Coach of the Year, 2018/19 Season

  • Mike Budenholzer: +125.00
  • Michael Malone: +250.00
  • Nick Nurse: +450.00
  • Billy Donovan: +1000.00

Billy Donovan will not win. The Thunder are playing well and winning games. But they are only marginally better than they were last year. Nurse is going to be in the conversation, but can any of Toronto’s success be attributed to him? He took over a great team, and the Raptors are still a great team.

The race should be good between Malone and Budenholzer. Malone has taken a team (Denver) that missed out on the playoffs last year and turned them into one of the best teams in the West. Budenholzer has taken a team (Milwaukee) of good players—and a potential MVP candidate – and crafted them into one of the best teams in the East.

Prediction:  Budenholzer has the better teams, but Malone has done more with less. Assuming the Nuggets remain among the top teams in the West, he should win.

 *Odds via 888Sports

NBA Predictions is very much the place to be if you’re looking for NBA predictions and tips throughout the pro basketball season. We’ll give you things from our perspective on the NBA long-term futures markets with our predictions for the likes of NBA champions, Conference (Eastern and Western) and Divisional titles and the NBA MVP.  There are a number of factors that appeal with futures bets, with one being that they can provide the bettor with the potential for big payouts, albeit this is usually offset somewhat by the increased difficulty of picking a winner.  Another benefit is that a futures bet can provide months of interest over the course of a season as you follow your chosen selection.

Best NBA Sportsbooks

With so many online sportsbooks to choose from, it takes a lot of hard work when selecting the best place to go for your NBA betting.  So, to save you time and effort, we’ve put together the details of some of the very best and most trustworthy Sportsbooks with regards to NBA betting.

Let’s start with Sports Interaction, which is a domestic Canadian betting site that’s operated by Mohawk Online Ltd, which is wholly owned by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake.  Something to take on board when betting with this sportsbook is that all profits from Sports Interaction are always invested back into the local community. However, Canadian bettors first choice for NBA betting is bet365, which is a world renowned sportsbook thanks to details such as having an excellent sign-up bonus and various other great promotions.  In addition, the bet365 site is very user friendly and there are plenty of props, futures and additional betting lines available on the NBA.

Top Welcome Offers In Canada

Pinnacle certainly standout from other sportsbooks in that they consistently offers the very best NBA odds (which makes up for the lack of a Welcome Bonus over a relatively short period of time).  Pinnacle also provide high quality customer service and has a resource centre where even seasoned bettors can enhance their betting skills.  They also have fast reliable live NBA betting available and there’s an excellent mobile sportsbook with exactly the same features on offer as with their online sportsbook.

William Hill is one of the oldest established sportsbooks anywhere with a long and illustrious history.  They provide their customers with an excellent live betting platform to place NBA bets during games and also offer lots of betting options on each individual game, all of which comes with some of the most competitive NBA odds available.  Sportingbet is another sportsbook known for providing great bonuses and, in addition to offering Money Line and spread options, they also offer a varied selection of prop wagers and live betting lines.

Betway is a sportsbook renowned not only for decent bonuses and promotional offers, but also for competitive odds and a huge selection of ‘In-Play’ games with numerous markets running concurrently.  888Sport has a very generous sign-up bonus for new customers and also have a reputation for boosted odds promotions.  And last but not least, 10Bet are known for their competitive odds and good market coverage.

Live Betting

NBA live betting can sometimes provide a great way to back a team you want to win a game at far more attractive NBA odds than were you to have backed them pregame.  If your chosen team is noted for starting games slowly or their opponents are renowned for their flying starts to games before fading later on, then NBA live betting should certainly appeal.

Checking statistics is a big factor in NBA live betting, with it making good sense to routinely check out a team’s period splits, as just a few minutes research could give you an edge by revealing key data such as a team having developed a long-term trend for scoring heavily in the first quarter on the road.

Another good option with NBA live betting is for bettors to hedge pregame wagers occasionally to lock-in a profit by then backing the opposition at inflated NBA odds, such as when your chosen team is several points ahead of their opponents.

Live Streaming

The NBA broadcasting rights in Canada are currently held by TSN, Sportsnet, NBA TV Canada and RDS.

However, there are a number of other options available for live NBA viewing, including live streaming from various online sportsbooks including bet365, who provide their customers with an extensive selection of sports on live streaming.  Requirements to watch a live streaming of a game on the bet365 site can vary, but generally all that’s required is a funded account for some events or to have placed bet in the previous 24 hours for others. You can access live streaming at bet365 via their app on your mobile device for added convenience, in addition to the desktop option.

Another good sportsbook option for live streaming via both desktop and mobile devices is William Hill.  Here the requirement is either a funded account or have had a bet within the previous 24 hours for access to their service.