MLB Predictions, Tips & Betting Odds

MLB baseball betting is one of the most popular options for wagering during the summer seasons, and we take a look at the MLB betting options available, and angles to look out for in betting baseball this season.

The most popular MLB betting market is on the match winner, otherwise known as ‘money line’. This is a straight up pick on who you feel will win the game. If you decide to play on the money line, one of the main elements to take into account is the starting pitcher. Such as a quarterback in NFL, the pitcher is the single most important factor in evaluating MLB lines. Unlike the NFL, these will rotate game to game to give each pitcher a chance to rest their arm. You may often find a team who are in good form, but are playing a pitcher who has been a weak link. This can often be a signal to take a chance on the underdogs as they may be overpriced.

MLB Tips

MLB Odds

MLB odds are typically displayed in the + or – betting format. The easiest way to explain this is as follows. If a game displays the MLB lines with a minus, so for example -140, the number next to the minus indicates how much you would have to stake to profit $100. At -140, you would have to wager $140 to get $100 profit. On the other side, if a team is listed as +125, the plus indicates how much you would profit for a $100 stake. So $100 on a +125 team, would return $225 in total.

MLB World Series - Winner Betting Odds

MLB Picks

Over the course of the MLB season, Online Sport Betting Canada will provide regular MLB daily picks and predictions. With 30 teams contesting the overall championship, teams to look out for to land the championship are the LA Dodgers, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals and the always dangerous New York Yankees.

However you choose to approach your MLB daily picks, it is highly recommended to follow some of the advice listed above including listed pitcher, playing conditions and overall form. If you prefer to look for assitance with your MLB daily picks, will make sure you stay informed with everything baseball betting related.

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Another very popular for MLB baseball daily picks is on the run line. Rather than trying to predict the winner of the game, this market focuses on how many run scored there will be in the matchup. Many online tipsteps prefer to use this format for baseball betting if the conditions suit. A great angle to look out for is the speed and direction that the wind is blowing before the game. If the conditions show a relatively strong breeze behind the hitters back, this can increase the probability of big base hits, homers, and ultimately runs. The next time you are weighing up your MLB betting options, take this into consideration.

If you prefer to take a longer view option on your baseball betting picks, you can either look to take a MLB pick on either of the divisional winners, or the overall World Series champs. This lets you wager smaller amounts to collect bigger returns. If you decide to approach baseball betting in this way, we would recommend you look for teams with strong rosters. The baseball season is long, and the final World Series champs will have to ride out injuries, players losing form, and have some luck along the way. By sticking with squads with strong overall profiles, you will give yourself the best opportunity to ride out the bad patches and be there with a chance at the end of the season.

MLB Betting Lines & Offers

MLB betting offers will be available throughout the baseball season. There are a huge range of MLB lines available for baseball betting so you can take your pick from the following

Divisional winners – Betting offers available on winners of the American League Central, East and West as well at the National League Central, East and West.

Name the finalists – MLB betting doesn’t get much tougher than this, but if you are able to name the two teams to fight out the World Series, you can be rewarded handsomely. The shortest odds on the board are typically in the region of +3300.

World Series champ – Pretty simple this one. Cast your eye over the MLB odds and select who you think will lift the World Series.

Winning league – If you would prefer to take a long term option on your MLB betting option, rather than looking to try and find the individual league, you can take an opinion as to which league is the strongest, and will produce the World Series champion.

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