College Football Tips, Predictions & Betting Odds

College Football Odds

The end of August is coming fast but already, there are college football odds available on most betting sites for the upcoming matchups. Even if you want to place a wager on ‘Futures’ like the semi-finals or the big game, you can.

So, if you think Alabama is going to win the sixth National Championship in 11 years, current college football odds agree with you. Alabama are by far the number one bet to lift the trophy once again. It seems that NCAA college football has become somewhat predictable as the latest college football odds put last year’s final four contestants there again this season.

That’s good news for Georgia, Clemson but not so good news for Oklahoma as they are way down in the betting odds lists. The Ohio State Buckeyes have jumped into the third favourites spot to win the title. At the top of the betting odds for the National Championship title are favourites Alabama where lines range from +180 to +300. And then there are teams with lines at +999900 like the Kansas Jayhawks. If you don’t want to bet on the favourite, you could choose Wisconsin or Michigan who are tipped to reach the final four at lines of +1200 for Michigan and +2000 for Wisconsin.

College Football Lines

You have a wide choice in College Football betting; you can wager on a ‘Point Spread’, ‘Moneyline’, ‘Over/Under’ or play the ‘Futures’ markets. College Football lines such as the Moneyline are very easy; you just pick a straight winner and watch the game unfold.

A point spread bet will win if you correctly guess by what margin a team will win or lose. And even if your team loses, you might still end up with a winning ticket if you select the underdogs. Betting for an ‘Over/Under’ can be fun – if you think you can guess what the total number of points scored by both teams will be at the end of the game.

That is, will it be over or under the total line set by the bookies. Another popular type of bet can be a ‘Parlay’ where you can pick between two and 12+ teams all to win on any given day. So if you play a parlay on say four teams to win and they all do, your winnings will rollover each time into a potentially very large payout. Most betting sites have released their College Football betting lines for the 2019/19 season already. You can find college football lines on all the teams from Division I and some for Division II teams.

Alabama’s first game in the new season is against Louisville in Orlando on September 1st. where Alabama is -29.5 for that game on the spreads so you could win big on the Moneyline big if Louisville perform a miracle.

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College Football Picks

With less than two months until the start of the 2018 season, many betting experts will have already made their college football picks for the opening week’s 46 games. Some college football betting tipsters have already made their picks for the December Bowls and the Jan 7th Championship game in Santa Clara.

As ever, you should keep an eye on the major news networks like ESPN and CBS for their weekly advice, as well as the Vegas odds. The most popular betting sites such as ours will have their own expert College Football picks with full analysis, score predictions and the best ‘prop betting’ odds. Not all sites allow you to wager on half-time scores, number of touchdowns, number of wins etc in the season so do your research.

It’s too early to be making any ‘Futures’ picks, but betting sites have started to make predictions on who will make it to the playoffs and the final four, as well as the Championship game. It’s no great surprise that Alabama Crimson Tide at +250 are again the number one pick.

Other early College Football picks for the title of NCAA football champions are the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Clemson Tigers, both at +800. You can also bet on the Heisman trophy winner. Early picks are Milton from UCF, Oliver from Houston and Singletary from FAU. Others see Haskins from Ohio State and Murray from Oklahoma as definite contenders.

College Football Predictions

As some of the best players were picked up in the NFL draft, it’s a challenging task to make college football predictions for the upcoming 2018/19 season. Many experts use tools like Vegas data and statistical models to predict the future winners, although tradition and head-to-head records play a big part too.

Alabama Crimson Tide are the current favourites in the betting at +250, followed not so closely by the Ohio State Buckeyes and Clemson Tigers at +800 to take the Championship trophy home this time.

Georgia will once again in the hunt if they can repeat their heroic performances from last season. After allowing Alabama to come back for a win in ET, they will be motivated to take another swing at the Championship.

However, our early prediction is for the CLEMSON TIGERS at +800 with bet365 (* odds correct at the time of writing) to be the ones to take on and beat Alabama for the title in the National Championship game on January 7th 2019.

There is a long way to go before we will be able to give more accurate NCAA predictions. If you like betting on the ‘Point Spreads’, there are some interesting college football odds like the -1½ for the North Texas vs SMU matchup in favor of North Texas.

Remember, most of the time college football lines are not this close, which is where the point spread and over/under betting comes in to make sure even the underdogs are backable. The perfect example is the matchup we mentioned earlier between the Crimson Tide and the Cardinals, with Alabama as big as -29½ on the point spread betting markets.