Boxing Betting Tips, Predictions & Boxing Odds

Boxing went through a relatively quiet period of overall popularity but in recent years, a new wave of outstanding boxing talent across all weight classes, along with a rise in online boxing betting has seen a resurgence across the US, Canada and in Europe among both casual and hardcore fans.

The ‘Sweet Science’ of boxing is one of the most exciting sports around, and when two fighters glove up and enter the fight with so much at stake, it’s what every serious sports fan and punter wants to see!

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Boxing Betting Tips

Betting on boxing has never been as popular as it was in 2018 and with so many world-class matchups waiting to happen in 2019, there’s no better time to have a boxing bet on the upcoming fights.

The very best boxing betting sites will have all the latest betting odds lines, expert fight predictions as well as the latest boxing news and gossip from around social media.

Online boxing betting now gives players so many different ways to predict and bet on the outcome of a boxing match, from the straight outright winner markets, to multiples or ‘parlay’ bets, to predicting the exact round the fight will end and by what method.

Betting on the biggest fights is what everyone wants to do and it provides the perfect topic of conversation in the build up to the big events. With the re-birth of the heavyweight division providing the catalyst for a rise in boxing betting popularity, now is the time to re-establish your love of boxing and get involved.

Boxing Odds

The main betting odds market for online boxing is the Win-Draw-Win market, where both fighters are pitched against each other in terms of the end result of the fight.

The draw is always the most unlikely outcome, but as we saw recently with Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury, the crazy does sometimes happen and it will end in a draw.The ‘Method Of Victory’ markets can offer up some great value boxing bets too. Some boxers are knockout artists and so boxing bettors can recognise the ones most likely to win their fights by KO/TKO. Equally, many boxers have a more technical style, based more on defensive counter boxing and winning round after round on the score cards, so these fighters can be backed to ‘Win by Decision’.

Round betting or Round ‘Group’ betting also provides another layer to how we can bet on boxing these days. You can predict the exact round and fighter to win for some great value prices, or the ‘Group Rounds’ betting allows you to predict the fight to end between specific round groups, EG Rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 etc.

How Does Boxing Betting Work?

The first thing to remember in boxing betting is that you have two fighters and three possible outcomes, either fighter will win or it will be a draw. From there, the oddsmakers can create numerous other betting lines (or ‘prop bets’) that stem from these three basic outcomes.

Usually, you will have 12 round fights, especially for the main events and title fights. So for Round betting for example, there are 24 possible outcomes in terms of predicting (a) which boxer will win and (b) in which of the 12 rounds that will happen.

So with 24 options available, it’s obviously very difficult to predict but you also get some amazingly big boxing odds in these markets.

Other Types Of Boxing Bets

  • Grouped Rounds – The ‘Group Rounds’ betting markets mentioned above makes for shorter odds, but you will have 3 of the 12 rounds on your side, depending on which bracket you think the fight will end. Do you think it will be a very early KO win but you’re not quite sure how early? Then you can place your bet on the fight to end in Rounds 1-3.
  • Parlay Bets – If you have a six fight main card and you fancy having a betting interest in all the fights for a smaller stake but with the chance to win big, then you could attempt to correctly predict all six in a ‘Parlay’ bet or even a exotic multiple bet like a European Style ‘Lucky 31’.
  • Prop Bets – When betting on boxing online, you will also find numerous ‘Boxing Specials’, such as “Will A Fighter Be Knocked Down?” plus betting lines on things such as ‘Will the Fight Go The Distance?’ with a simple Yes / No option.

Top 10 Boxers Right Now

  1. Anthony Joshua – “AJ” is widely seen as the most dangerous man on the planet, a British, unbeaten heavyweight with incredible knock out power.
  2. Canelo Alvarez – The Mexican red head, the WBC and WBO + Ring Magazine lineal middleweight Champion.
  3. Vasyl Lomachenko – The most naturally skilled technical boxer on earth, this Lightweight world champion could be one of the greatest of all time.
  4. Deontay Wilder – Known as “The Bronze Bomber”, he only started boxing when he was 21, and is now one of the best heavyweights in the world.
  5. Manny Pacquiao – Not the force of old, but “Pacman” is still active and will still go down as one of the greatest boxers ever.
  6. Gennady Golovkin – Lost his middleweight titles to Canelo Alvarez in very controversial circumstances, but is undeniably one of the Top 10 best in the world.
  7. Terence Crawford – A magician inside the ring, this American is the Welterweight King.
  8. Oleksandr Usyk – The undisputed World Champion of the Cruiserweights, this brilliant boxer looks up towards heavyweight stardom in 2019
  9. Leo Santa Cruz – One of the most exciting and tough featherweights ever, this Mexican has held titles in three different weight divisions.
  10. Tyson Fury – With Fury back on the heavyweight scene, the former lineal world champion cannot escape the Top 10 list for 2019.