How to Bet Online in Canada

In many ways, placing a bet online today is easier than ever. No longer are you restricted to betting into a pool and winning or losing against other players. You can now place your bets at a predetermined price meaning you know exactly what you will win if your selections win.

Online gambling has also reduced the process of bet placement to a series of clicks and yes/no options. Most online gambling sites have a ‘how to bet’ section but it is really is as simple as:

  • Click on the sport you wish to bet on from the menu
  • Find and click on the race or game you are interested in
  • Identify and click on the market you wish to bet on
  • Click on your selection
  • Head to the betting slip on the page
  • Enter a betting stake – which can often be done by one click – and click ‘bet now’

The process is very simple and you will have your bets placed in seconds, which is very helpful in this day-and-age of quick-action live in-play betting.

Of course, there are several bet options open to you including doubles, trebles and multiple bets. The bookmakers’ betting slip will give you these options as and when you add more selections to it.

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Betting Guide – Getting Started

It’s easy to get started with an online betting site. Online gambling has become a huge business and betting sites are striving for your business. Consequently not only is the process very straightforward, cash rewards and free bets are often offered to new customers for making their first deposit and/or placing their first bet.

So, when you decide to take the plunge to be sure to find and read the ‘new player offer’ which will usually be on the homepage of all bookmakers’ sites. Thereafter click ‘Register now’ or ‘Join’ which will lead you to a simple registration form.

Canada's Top Betting Offers 2020

Once you have entered your details and created a username and password all that is left to do is make a cash deposit and place a bet which will qualify you for the online sportsbooks new player offer/bonus.

There are plenty of deposit methods on offer from bank transfers, to credit card deposits. Once again the process is quick and painless.

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Betting Tips

As with the stock market, prices on online gambling sites are a result of a number of factors, primarily ‘market support’ – as in the weight of money a selection carries.

If a horse or team attracts plenty of money its price will be short and may shorten further. If it is friendless with gamblers it will be a big price and its odds may lengthen.

Such market forces are normally a result of the information. If word emerges that a horse is not fit, its price will lengthen. Likewise, if there is soccer news stating that a team will be fielding a weaker squad in a match, keeping their first team on the bench for a bigger game at the weekend, it will result in their opponent’s price shortening.

This is an information curve. Vital information which professional online gamblers and betting tipsters collate and use to their advantage.

Tipsters, like those at, often do the donkey work for online gamblers, eagerly scanning news and information wires and vitally collecting and collating form and statistics.

While by no means infallible there is no doubting that betting tips from respected professionals is an invaluable tool in one’s betting armoury and, given the volatility of betting curves, good sports betting tipster and/or blog will be updated regularly and similarly should be visited daily.