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Hello and welcome to OSB, we’re your online source for all the best betting sites in Canada and the place to find the best free offers and welcome deals online. Baseball betting is increasingly popular with lots of Canadians in summer months and here at OSB you can find all the latest info on free bets and tips for picking the MLB teams to win.

MLB (Major League Baseball) is the oldest of the pro sports leagues in Canada and the USA and features 29 teams. The season ends with the major sporting World Series Best of Seven Championship and is a truly global event, watched by millions of people around the world.

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Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays MLB Betting Predictions, Tips & Betting Odds
Bet on the MLB games every week with the best MLB betting lines and odds with leading experts providing MLB betting tips throughout the season.

Baseball betting tips

You’ll source loads of bang up to the minute baseball betting predictions at OSB. And, what’s more, we offer you all the latest offers and welcome bonuses from betting sites, so you can take advantage of lots of free bets when you place your baseball wagers. Our experts are adding predictions all the time, so keep checking back to find more valuable tips to enhance your baseball betting winnings even further.

Baseball betting sites

We feature all the best baseball betting sites at OSB. So you don’t need to hunt around for the betting sites with the free bets or best welcome deals. Sites like William Hill, 888Sport and Bet365 can be accessed with just one click from OSB and you benefit from all the latest promo codes and offers at the same time.

You can benefit from a welcome bonus up to $250 when you sign up with some of the popular baseball betting sites. This makes it even easier to profit in a big way from your MLB betting. All these top betting sites also offer regular special deals to existing customers and some of them have options to stream games live, so you can watch baseball from any location directly on your smartphone.

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Baseball betting odds

If you’re looking for the top baseball betting picks our expert tips to help you to identify teams fielding a weak pitcher or run line predictions that suit your baseball betting styles. You can also choose the long-range baseball betting picks on teams likely to do well in the League, division or World Series and our expert tips help ensure your predictions are bang on target.

The odds in MLB odds are displayed in a + or – format. This is an easy way to work out just how much you can win on bets. So if a -140 symbols are showing then you need to wager $140 to achieve a profit of $100. You’ll find lots of tips on maximizing your betting profits at OSB, so take time to browse our entire site to find out more.

Live baseball streaming

If you like to watch live baseball streaming on your TV or mobile device, you’ll find it’s easy to stream games direct from your favourite betting sites. You just need to register an account with a site like Bet365 and can take advantage of their free baseball streaming service to watch your favourite games as they play out live. You’ll be in touch with all the latest action when you watch live baseball streamed from your favourite betting sites. Find out more at OSB.